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The Addition Mindset: How I ate more to lose more

Posted by on 6.23.19 in Transformation Stories

Aditi’s surprising fitness revelation Pic 1: Year 2000, Weight 50Kgs Pic 2: Year 2012, Weight 69Kgs Pic 3: Year 2018, Weight 53Kgs I asked a few people which of these […]

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FITSHIT #Profiles: Swati’s Story

Posted by on 3.10.19 in Transformation Stories

I am 35, I weigh 54 kgs and my body fat is ~25%. When I read what I just wrote, I can’t help but wonder if I’m dreaming. Because a […]

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How to Overcome Exercise Inertia

Posted by on 2.3.19 in Hacks

Some practical tips to help you get unstuck As I write this, I’m sitting on my 9th straight day of no exercise. How embarrassing! But I have a great reason(excuse). For […]

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