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2 thoughts on “Ask FITSHIT

  1. Very informative blog shashank bhai, I didnt knew you were 100+ before college.
    About question, I have a stupid curiosity in mind. I go to gym everything alternate day and After gym I drink beer, Actually I drink it everyday, no matter what, So I was thinking, If my exercise is somehow, neutralizing harmful affects of beer, Or No matter wat I am doing, I am going to die early coz of alcohol. Well here in czech ppl drink it everyday, and they say it is very healthy drink, no sugar, alcohol is also only 4%. boosts digestion bla bla bla.. You dont need to answer my question. 😉 if you dont drink..
    Hope everything is going good in your life.. cheers 🙂

    1. Hey Varun…how are you!

      han bhai…I was 105kg when i joined college 🙂

      To your question – the answer lies in quantity bhai. I am of the view that as long as you manage overall calories – a pint of beer (or 2) every day shouldnt be a problem. Anything more than that and staying within calorie limits becomes too tough. Also, more alcohol leads to more hunger. So double whammy.

      I don’t read much into research about good effect of wine, beer etc. A lot of it depends on the food of your land…just like the spices in our gravies don’t sit well with europeans (who can drink copious amounts of beer and stay fit), similarly we may not be too good with beer. So I advise not to compare yourself to them 🙂

      Cheers…hope that helps

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