What is GST rate in India?

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Jayasree asked 1 week ago

GST is an indirect tax system introduced by the government of India. Service tax, excise duty and other indirect taxes levied by the central government.
GST aims to bring equality in the prices of products all over the country. The manufacturing cost of businesses and create market rate of the cost will be more even across the country.
Under GST, there are four tax slabs 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. There is No tax rate on fresh fruit, vegetables, milk, natural honey, flour, bread, all kind of salt, fish, meat, chicken, egg along with kajal, bangles, drawing and coloring books, stamps, papers, hotels and lodges below Rs 1000 and so on.
Taxes on drinks, tobacco and luxury goods will now come under 28% of GST. It will get costlier. Real Estate will also get expensive GST of 12% as opposed to 6%.
The other commodities and services that are commonly used, like soap and toothpaste 12 -18% tax. Even household products such as refrigerators and washing machines 28% of tax. As the result, GST get an good impact on general public.