I am 17 years old. Can I apply for a PAN card?

Q&A ForumCategory: QuestionsI am 17 years old. Can I apply for a PAN card?
Gara asked 4 weeks ago

Yes, you can apply for the PAN card. There is no minimum age criterion for getting a pan card. Even a newborn baby can get a PAN card! There is nothing like the minimum age to get a PAN card. The process of applying for the PIN card of minority is very simple. An application must be submitted to the minority’s parent form 49A. This form can be submitted online and off line.
Documents to confirm the identity, proof of address and proof of birth date should be submitted when submitting the application. The birth certificate of the minority will be a valid proof of date of birth. For children, proof of identity and parent’s address proof must be submitted. The parent who submitted the application must sign. Parental signature will be printed on the PAN card.
If you are Indian, you are eligible to apply for a PAN card. Your age is 16 years. When I used the pot card for my young daughter, she was only three months old. So, you can get a PAN card accordingly.
But if you reach 18 years, you have to keep in mind that you are now a little bit and you have to do it again. Eighteen years later, you will get a lifetime credit card. Now you will get the PAN number, but your photo will not be on the PAN card which is very important to the identity card. Eighteen years later, your photo will be shown on the 
You can apply on a PAN card even if you are not 18 but your photo does not appear in the PAN card. Prior to receiving more income, it is not beneficial to apply for a PAN card, so you’ll wait another year and get a bonus card after that the  apply pan card online